Phil Ivey

I smile when I see Phil like this. Ivey is just so composed, he’s so controlled and he looks at poker so seriously he just deserves this 8th bracelet. Whoever thinks he won’t be up there with the likes of Johnny Chan, Phil Hellmuth and Doyle Brunson in the bracelet-race is a complete moron. :)

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Phil Ivey’s most dissapointing moment – losing his AK vs Darvin Moon’s AQ flip.

Such a sickening moment; “Darvin Slays Goliath”.

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Pretty sure for once, Phil Ivey didn’t head straight down to the casino pits… This had to hurt!

Phil Ivey is a BALLA

Hehehe got these from 2+2, props to original sources – but can’t find them anymore (first pic is pocketfives, but i don’t think it’s the original source anywho). Anyway — first one is apparently REAL, second one is a GEZENIUS photoshopjob. :D


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Great Lay-down by Ivey?

HTML clipboardHigh Stakes Poker Season has just started on GSN with spectacular action. Phil Ivey hasn’t been involved yet, but he will show up in upcoming episodes. He has been on HSP before though, and one of the more interesting hands he played against “Yukon” Brad Booth. Despite the outcome, most experts on poker hand evaluations would agree that Ivey made the correct play and that Booth played like a maniac. See for yourselves:

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I’m not going to give too much away, but this is pretty brutal. Phil stays cool though, nothing he hasn’t seen before at a poker table…

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Devilfish interview Phil Ivey

LOL Excellent video of Dave “The Devilfish” Ulliot interviewing my main man Phil Ivey about what it takes to become a successful poker pro, but also mentions a Golden Nugget Craps loss of about a million bucks Phil had…

Phil’s a gambler — but he’s a winner too. Don’t get inspired without the skills people!

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My man Phil Ivey is an absolute genius and a risky man daring to bluff at this pot. He’s putting $12,000 into a $27,500 pot which is an excellent bet that would probably fool me into thinking Phil had the straight…

If he knew these guys had KK and AK –  he wouldn’t even have tried…

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Taxes and Casinos

When you play alot in online casinos or in online poker room you can have the bad luck that you have to pay taxes over your online casino winnings. The good thing is that you also can get money back if you lose all your money in a Casino online or normal casino.

So it’s very important that you keep a record of your online poker or online casino winnings or losings.If you get money back and you are happy with it your doing something wrong because then your happy that you lost in a online casino or casino en ligne.

So remember to keep a good log book of all your winnings and losings. It doesnt matter if you play in a bonus casino en ligne or a online poker room.. keep track of everything!

We don’t know the answer to this question, but we do know that High Stakes Poker Season 5 will feature… POT LIMIT OMAHA, a game that’s seriously mastered by our good friend Mr. Phil Ivey.

So — IF Phil ends up playing in the 5th Season of High Stakes Poker, he’ll be playing Omaha against the likes of Gus Hansen and Daniel Negreanu. Not too bad!

Phil Ivey

I’m shaking my way through a bluff…

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At least when you are playing at an online casino no one can see you cringe or pray to Lady Luck. If you can’t bluff then stick to video poker, that’s my advice.

Just because you are playing online doesn’t mean that you can abandon one the most important skills a poker player needs. Bluffing is where tournaments are  won or lost.

Keep pwning the tables, Phil!